The Librarian, The Closet, & The Empty Room

“The Librarian, The Closet, & The Empty Room” School Library Systems Conference. White Plains, NY.

Abstract: Librarianship needs a radical change – a focus from libraries as places and institutions to librarians as radical positive change agents. This presentation talks about defining the profession and places by the people who make a difference – librarians.




BOCES from R. David Lankes on Vimeo.

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  1. It has been wonderful to join this conversation while I am reading the Atlas. Reading and listening. I am so happy that you, an academic, speaks about whaht I would always liked to listen to. I still can’t believe to my ears. I thought that some of my ideas that I now find in your words and ideas were simply dreams or things out of reality. You give meaning to my work. Thank you Cinzia Iossa

  2. David,
    I really enjoyed this presentation because it affirmed exactly how I feel as a passionate and radical librarian. I loved some of those ideas for out of the box libraries and am going to see how I could put them into practice at my school.

    We have students who shelve books and run the issues and returns desk so we have the space and time to be more involved in teaching & learning. they also help with book processing and man various areas/centres in the library.(We have two full time Teacher-Librarians)

    How does one go about changing the perspective of management and staff in a subject dominated, exam driven & marks orientated school system where learning is not about the process but about the pass and at that, an A or A+ pass? That is our frustration first and foremost.

    We sent our an online survey to see how we fared with staff but only received about 7 responses out of 70!!!!! They say they are too busy…
    We are going to try to meet with the subject heads and their departments to see what they are teaching, what project work is being set and how we can assist. We are also going to send out a online survey to students. I think these are small steps in the right direction…

    Our national school library association (LIASA-SLYSIG) are having a school library conference in 2016.
    Would you be open to travelling to South Africa to present. We would pay your costs of course.

    Many thanks

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