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Dürers, Albrecht. Die Offenbarung des Johannes: 4. Die vier apokalyptischen Reiter, 1497-1498.


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David and Daniel Gonçalves of the Bibliotecas são Comunidades blog asked me to write a post for their bog: The theme of the text is to imagine a world without libraries. The aim is to demonstrate the importance of libraries and how much we depend on them. As you can see from the text I…

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Jelly Babies, Katrina, and Libraries

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“Jelly Babies, Katrina, and Libraries” Lankes, R. David (February 253 2015). Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals.

Ereaders, the iPad-Is That All There Is?

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“Ereaders, the iPad-Is That All There Is?” Lankes, R. David (March 25, 2010). School Library Journal.

A Sparrow with a Machine Gun

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“A Sparrow with a Machine Gun” Lankes, R. David (Spring 2009). netConnect: Data in Context supplement to Library Journal.

Library Association 2.0

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“Library Association 2.0.” Lankes, R. D. (September 2007). Searcher Magazine. Medford, NJ; Information today.

Introduction: I Want My Flying Car

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“Introduction: I Want My Flying Car.” Lankes, R. David (2002). In R. D. Lankes, C. McClure, M. Gross and J. Pomerantz (Eds.), Implementing Digital Reference Services: Setting Standards and Making it Real. New York: Neal-Schuman Publishers, Inc.

A Hyperfiction Continuum

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“A Hyperfiction Continuum” Lankes, R. David (1998) 1(6) The Big6 Newsletter: Teaching Technology and Information Skills. Linworth Publishing, Inc. Worthington, OH. (invited article)