The Lankes Corollaries

Lankes, R. David (2023). The Lankes Corollaries. Access: An International Journal of Nepal Library Association. 2(1). Available:

ABSTRACT: This piece explores a series of corollaries to Ranganathan’s five laws of librarianship. These corollaries talk about how librarians work with community’s to ensure that service is shaped throughout the community. Such shaping moves libraries away from some pre-determined standard model, and into hyper local organizations ultimately facilitating knowledge creation.

The Vital Role of Libraries and Democracy Needs Protection

Lankes, R. David (2023). The Vital Role of Libraries and Democracy Needs Protection. Clip de SEDIC, Revista de la Sociedad Española de Documentación e Información Científica. Available:

ABSTRACT: The current spate of materials challenges in libraries globally calls out for new defenses.Concepts of library neutrality and librarian objectivity fall flat in light of current developments, and against organized challengers not interested in objectivity. New defenses of library services must be based on librarian expertise and activated network of diverse community members. The field needs to strengthen societal protections for librarians in the conduct of their work.