Radical Librarians

“Radical Librarians” Bertha Bassam Lecture University of Toronto Faculty of Information. Toronto, Canada.

Abstract: For too long librarians have seen their role as being unbiased agents standing ready to serve. Librarians must be agents of transformative social engagement — actively working to better their communities. From the riots in Ferguson, to the Arab Spring, we see the value of librarians throwing off the mask of objective curator and adopting the role of change agent. This lecture examines the value of librarians dedicated to improving communities, not simply informing them.

Slides: https://davidlankes.org/rdlankes/Presentations/2015/Bass.pdf

Audio: https://davidlankes.org/rdlankes/pod/2015/UoT.mp3


Apologies, when first posted on March 12 before 4pm I had linked to the wrong video. This one is correct.

Radical Librarians from R. David Lankes on Vimeo.