The Post Recession Library

“The Post Recession Library” PLA Virtual Spring Symposium 2011, Online.

Abstract: They say a crisis is a terrible thing to waste. How can libraries and librarians use the economic downturn to reintroduce themselves to their community? How can we restructure libraries and the work of librarians for the future? What entrepreneurial services can a post-recession library offer to their communities suffering from unemployment? This session will talk about conceptual approaches and concrete examples of emerging from the downturn.
Audio: (Sorry for the clicking…I’ll see if PLA has a better audio source)


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  1. I enjoyed the thought-provoking lecture. Thank you.
    Also, thank you for acknowledging the rest of the world in your greeting. (I did have to look up the meaning of “PLA”.)
    Laura-Lucerne, Switzerland

  2. Thank you. Listening to this presentation, I felt as if you were describing the community served by our library. You also reaffirmed my belief that libraries need to be more entrepreneurial and more willing to define their missions in broader more collaborative terms. As salient, we must be more willing to define themselves as centers of community activity not information repositories. We must not only provide resources but to act as advocates, and think beyond our traditional and often passive roles as curators of information.

    1. Metadata is normally some description of control information about an object (like what subject an object like a book is about, or who can access it). A schema is a control, or roughly format of that metadata (like in Dublin Core how you can describe an objects topic, or authorship. So MARC is a metadata schema.

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