Is It Time for a Second Edition of the Atlas?

Greetings Readers and users of the Atlas of New Librarianship, I need your thoughts. Next year is the 10th anniversary of its publishing. I’ve been talking with my editor at MIT Press and have a couple of options.

1. Ignore it.
2. Write a new foreword and perhaps a nice on the cover, or 
3. Develop a second edition.

And here’s where I need your honest input.

A second edition would be a lot of work (it would have to be submitted by the end of the summer), but would it be useful, particularly with the New Librarianship Field Guide out there now? I know some of you use the Atlas for classes, so I am really interested in your opinion.

2 Replies to “Is It Time for a Second Edition of the Atlas?”

  1. I’ve used your Atlas throughout my MLIS studies, and read the “Mission“ so many times, I should have had it tattooed on my forearm. (Who knows?) Talk about “skin in the game!” I would do it for a photo op in the new edition!

    There was …before Covid-19, and Now everything that comes next will be somewhat different. Even if it’s only one extra chapter. Honestly though, I’m just not sure how you meet the end of summer deadline without really knowing what will transpire during Sept. 2020 — through the early part of 2021??? But that’s why they give you the big bucks!! Don’t leave us hanging though, we need to know!

    1. I’m leaning toward a second edition, but one that doesn’t happen by next year. An all-in update should take the time, and as you point out, some more stability in pandemic situation.

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