From Loaning to Learning

“From Loaning to Learning” Slovenian Library Association Congress. Lasko, Slovinia (via telecast).

Abstract: We live in a time of great opportunity in libraries. New technologies, and new approaches to knowledge have opened up new possibilities for libraries and librarians. This presentation looks at the role of the library in “post-document” world, where the focus of libraries is on learning, not collections. It is this focus that will ensure not only the continuation of libraries, but the increased importance of librarians.



From Loaning to Learning from R. David Lankes on Vimeo.

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  1. I have been a librarian in a faculty library for 35 years, listening to your presentation made me very happy as I realised these 35 years were not wasted – I seemed to have been doing the right thing all these years! Thank you so much for the presentation and if you ever have a chance come to Slovenia – it is a small but beautiful country! I was born in America but I have lived all my adult life here in Slovenia!
    M. Dolores Kerec – Kovac

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