Everything You Learned in Library School is Wrong

Please note I have added a new cleaner audio track to this presentation (and the audio download) as well as adding a YouTube version of the presentation (in case you like to see me walking around).

“Everything You Learned in Library School is Wrong” ILEAD USA. Springfield, IL.

Abstract: We all know that Libraries are Good and Necessary Things and Libraries Collect, Organize, and Provide Access to Information. That’s what we were taught in library school right? Except of course, they don’t. Libraries don’t do anything except exert gravity and shield you from the rain. It is librarians and the people in the library that makes the world a better place. Collections are just tools, like buildings, and books, and databases, and 3D printers. This keynote will focus on how librarians are radical positive change agents that make communities better.

Slides: https://davidlankes.org/rdlankes/Presentations/2015/ILEADUSA.pdf

Audio: https://davidlankes.org/rdlankes/pod/2015/ILEADUSA.mp3


Everything You Learned in Library School is Wrong from R. David Lankes on Vimeo.

Video of Presentation

2 Replies to “Everything You Learned in Library School is Wrong”

  1. Chuck McClure used to tell us everything we learned in Library School only had a half life of 18 months, so maybe that was a good thing. 🙂

  2. I once had a library board member say, “What’s a library if it’s not books?” So I had 6to explain that what makes those books into a library is the organization which goes into them. Otherwise it’s just a pile of paper and board.

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