Circulating Ideas Guest Post

This is the first ever guest post (I’m pretty sure) on my blog. Steve Thomas is a great librarian and has been very generous with posting the Expect More audio book on his podcast Circulating Ideas podcast. He is now looking for support via Kickstarter to transform his fantastic podcast into a book! Please take a read, and please consider giving to his Kickstarter….I did!

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Perhaps the greatest task of a librarian is to bring communities together to improve their lives, whether that community is the citizenry, students, faculty, or any number of other specialized groups. This improvement most often manifests as literacy in some form or other, whether teaching search strategies, creating in a makerspace, or expanding access to the written word. Now I would like to bring the librarian community together to help increase the accessibility of my librarian interview podcast, Circulating Ideas.

I’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund transcripts of the show, which would then be made freely available on the web, and as a DRM-free ebook for backers of the campaign (along with a host of other reward options). Why do a Kickstarter? Because transcription is a skilled task, and I want to pay someone a fair wage to do a quality job, and I want to harness the power of the community so that we all feel ownership and pride in the final product.

Since 2011, I have interviewed more than 100 librarians and library supporters, everyone from frontline children’s librarians to ALA Presidential candidates to authors and journalists, but these interviews are locked into audio which can be difficult and time-consuming to search, notate and cite. The podcast medium also excludes those with hearing difficulties and those who simply do not learn well from receiving knowledge aurally.

I believe in the power of communities, and I believe in the power of librarians to make great things happen, so I hope you’ll join me and help me make this project happen to unlock and free the innovative ideas and present them to a wider world.

Let’s go circulate some ideas!

– Steve Thomas