2 Replies to “Conversing about Conversations”

  1. This is definitely thought provoking. I do agree that it is the librarian that makes the library and NOT the collection of materials. However, this dramatic paradigm shift is not easily accepted by those not certified as librarians (especially in the school media world). Obviously, this is why in so many public schools’ librarians are cut so swiftly in the face of budgetary crisis. I would like to add a very important question to the conversation: how do librarians encourage non-librarians to view librarians as being the actual vitality of a library? Will steps we take and modeling we do over time naturally lead to this epiphany, or do we need to do something more obvious and radical now? It would seem to me that librarianship is in a state of emergency in public schools across the nation. How do we sound a clear and rousing wake-up call to administrators and boards?

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