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1260x240-ileadusa-banner1Right now 10 State Libraries are gearing up to offer, in my opinion, the best learning experience for in-the-field librarians: ILEAD USA. The program consists of cross-library teams, mentors, amazing instructors, and thought leaders from across the industry. Though 3 intensive residencies librarians form a cohort around projects with the sole aim to produce awesome librarians.

It is a program I feel some pride in as I was invited to be part of designing the curriculum. If you follow my blog you have seen some of my talks to ILEAD USA, but those are an itty bitty part of a much more amazing experience.

If you are in these states, and are looking for a professional development on steroids please contact your state library and see how you can participate:

These folks are also looking for awesome librarians to act as instructors in the area of technology, leadership, project planning, and community engagement.

Also, a special shout out to IMLS that has been instrumental in making this happen (with a lot of investment from the state libraries). Together this program has been creating and will continue to create a nationwide corp of librarians ready to improve lives. Please join us!

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