The Boring Patient – Free to Download

Last year I published a book on my journey with cancer called The Boring Patient. Since That time I have received incredible and touching feedback on how the book was helpful in others’ cancer experience, or that of a loved one. I have heard from nurses that are giving it away to patients. This kind of impact is greater than any price I could put on the book.

So today I’m giving it away to anyone who can use it. Follow this link and you can download the ebook version for free. No strings attached.

I am also using this post to share the audio book version. I’ll post a chapter a week, and then update the download page.

Thanks to all who have been so supportive of the book, and of me as I went through diagnosis and treatment. The community of cancer survivors is the most loving and caring group you can imagine – with a really crappy entrance requirement.

The Boring Patient: Introduction

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