Sale by Channel and Format

In Expect More I talk about eBooks and the dilemma not over the new format for libraries, but the new business model. Libraries have moved from owning collections, to renting them in digital resources (databases, ebooks, etc.). With ebooks in particular, there is huge demand amount community members, but libraries are struggling to meet the demand with tight budgets. More importantly, eBook models that license materials from publishers, rather than outright selling them, endangers the libraries mission to build shared collections for the good of the community. This is why I chose Smashwords as my preferred retailer of the book. You can buy the book in multiple formats, and libraries own it outright when they buy it.

In case you are wondering, here is the breakdown in formats and channels after a week and a half.

First the majority of books sold are print:

And here are the venues where folks bought the book:
Now the nook version just went on sale, so these proportions may change.