Participatory Version of Tech Brief

So, it has been a long summer. Sorry fort he delay in news. I’m just starting my sabbatical, so I had to get a lot of stuff out of the way first. Much more news should now be coming, starting with:

We’ve now put up a new participatory version of the technology draft “Participatory Networks: The Library as Conversation.” As you may recall we had a home grown version up before based on the if:book project. Now they have released their software open source, so we are using that for the participatory version. Please play around with it.

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  1. I mentioned CommentPress on the Web4Lib listserv the other day, and, in response, I got a question as to whether or not anybody had a version that ran under Drupal.

    I remembered the original version of the interactive Participatory Networks website you had up and went looking. I see you’re using CommentPress now too.

    What was the original version written in?

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