No More Speaking Engagements for the Year…and Cancer

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The short version: I am not accepting new speaking engagements for the next year.

The longer version: I am accepting no new speaking engagements beyond those I have already committed to, unless they can be pre-recorded.

The long version: On Friday I am having surgery to find out if a recent “suspicious” scan indicates remaining cancer. Hopefully, it is nothing. It could, however, indicate the need for additional treatment. In any case, it has become clear in the past month that I cannot simply return to life as usual following my chemo. To remove some uncertainty, and to prevent leaving folks in a lurch, I’m not taking any new engagements.

For now, the plan is to keep those few dates that I have accepted (assuming a negative biopsy). I will only accept new engagements that I can videoconference into, and where a recorded version of my remarks is acceptable as a back-up.

Last year I had to cancel too many engagements. I have organized conferences, and I know how hard a last minute cancelation is. Even if this biopsy is negative, I know that for the next few months (years really) it will be a wait and see situation.

I still hope to be involved in the field, and hope to travel to conferences. However, my focus is on my family and recovery first. I will let you all know how I am doing as well.

I will also never write an “all clear” blog post again…they appeared to be cursed.

21 responses on “No More Speaking Engagements for the Year…and Cancer

  1. Mary Ghikas

    Oh, Dave…. Absolutely, health and family first. I’m as positive as I can be that you’ll have a whole crowd of folks — including me — at your back.

  2. librarianmer

    I hope it turns out to be nothing, but I still think you’re smart to give yourself a break from travel. I’ll definitely be thinking good thoughts for you.

  3. Susan Asplund

    Friday surgery. What a way to start the weekend! Definitely take care of yourself and your family. Live your life to its fullest whatever the outcome may be. I will continue to pray for fortitude for you and your family.

  4. Michelle

    May it be just a small glitch and you are back to full health soon. Best wishes and speedy recovery to you. My heart goes out to your family as they must be very concerned…. Librarianship etc is important but you and your health is far greater. Xx

  5. Megan Oakleaf

    Hugs, Dave.

    Also, when you’re recording the videos, I challenge you to do something weird unseen by the camera, then I want to know what it is. Wear theme socks, play Tetris with one hand, something. 🙂

    Let me know what I can do to help. Big or small. Including shopping for theme socks.

  6. carlrgrantCarl Grant

    If positive thoughts carry weight in this battle, you know you have them from me and many, many people. I’ll be pulling for you, hoping for the best and keeping you and your family in my thoughts. Take care.

  7. Jenny Whiting

    From New Zealand — Best of luck Dave, hope all goes well! Was a participant in the Library 2.0 last year, loved your presentation. Kia Kaha – (stay strong, my thoughts are with you)

  8. Peter Sharpe

    I hope and pray for you that this will not indicate the need for further treatment. Prioritising health and family is absolutely right and even without a requirement for further treatment it is probably wise not to resume a punishing travelling schedule. That being said, I hope you will be in a place where you might be able to contribute to the LIASA conference next Fall in South Africa – your input on NewLib would be *extremely* valuable to building the LIS profession there.

    1. rdlankes Post author

      If you are up for a Skype presentation and are ok with a pre-recorded session as a back-up I can certainly participate.

  9. sue kowalski

    I think you are way so cool…speaking or not…holler if you need random but real stories of life in a middle school library to keep you smiling and hopeful about the power of what we do. Sending positive thoughts! #believe

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