Libraries and Broadband: Becoming Radical Change Agents in Our Communities

“Libraries and Broadband: Becoming Radical Change Agents in Our Communities” Vermont FiberConnect: The Library Link Summit, Stowe, VT.

Abstract: And so we come to the point. Why bring broadband libraries. We don’t do it as a means to bring facebook to the masses. We wire our buildings not as points of distraction or simply another service the library offers. Broadband is not a way to bring the world to the citizens of Vermont, but to unleash the passions and potentials of the citizens of Vermont on the rest of the world. Just as the roads of previous generations bound together empires and democracies We can use broadband to bring together the farmer and the lawyer, the entrepreneur and the student, the politician and the protestor in a grand conversation on the future of the state.

Due to conference setup I was not able to capture the audio and screencast. However, the session was video taped, so I hope to add these later.