Join MidWinter Radical Conversation Virtually

By popular demand we’re going to try adding virtual access to the MidWinter conversation shaping the next new librarianship book The Radical’s Guide to New Librarianship. First the basics, then the disclaimer.

The Basics

When: 10:30-11:30 Central Time, Monday February 2, 2015 (this coming Monday)


What: We’re using Adobe Connect

The Disclaimer

This is still primarily an in person event, so no virtual access was planned. That means it will be my laptop looking at the crowd and the conference center’s WiFi. It should of course work wonderfully, but please approach this as more of an experiment. Also know that these conversations are ongoing at and your input is always welcome there, on Twitter, or email.

Even More Disclaimer

This is intended as an interactive session where we are looking for input and discussion.