Innovation in the Country

“Innovation in the Country” Keynote for ILEAD USA.

Abstract: Innovation should look like Silicon Valley…if you serve Silicon Valley. Otherwise, it should look like your community.

I tried something different for this one…live video with on screen pop ups. Please let me know if you like it or how it could be better.


Innovation in the Country from R. David Lankes on Vimeo.

5 Replies to “Innovation in the Country”

  1. I am excited by the inventiveness of your presentation. I really enjoyed the changing perspective of each section. Have you thought about jazzing up the beginning with some music or someone speaking in a created language like elvish or klingon?
    The beginning wobbles made me nauseous but that can be fixed with a steady cam which you can build yourself. The sound needs a little work but any sound engineer should be able to tell you how to keep or take the wind noise out and where to place the mike for the best voice pick-up.

  2. Thanks, it is innovative for sure. While I can see and understand how Silicon Valley came about and to be what it is now, I have a suspicion that eventually (and before another generation) the whole world may become a Silicon Valley. What spawned Silicon Valley (at least that was Osborne’s, of Osborne portable computer fame, contention in his “The next Industrial Revolution” in the first half of the seventies) was that NASA downscaled and all of a sudden these highly-trained engineers found themselves without a job. But meanwhile, with MOOCs and the internet being available even in the remotest third world villages, we may very well see a lot of young people become the next Jobs, Gates, Wozniaks, but in places never before considered. After all, most of today’s professors are nothing but farmers’ great grandchildren when we go back a few generations!

  3. I really enjoyed your delivery of this, David! And I’ll probably take a second look so I can completely read the written comments. Your take on little libraries, in my opinion, is ‘spot on.’

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