How to Check Out a Teacher in a Non-Creepy Way

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“How to Check Out a Teacher in a Non-Creepy Way” South Carolina State Library Collaboration Meeting. Columbia, SC.

Abstract: In an Illinois town librarians from the local schools and public libraries started a monthly dinner club. The librarians would get together in a social setting to meet and eat, and as it turns out, innovate. They began a series of new programs to bring the institutions closer. These projects included included fast check out of public library materials for teachers and extending hours of school libraries to serve the needs of students’ parents. Imagine if this was taken a step further where parents could literally check out a teacher to talk with them about study habits, new approaches to math and so on. Imagine a school library program where students created tutorials on news apps for their parents.

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How to Check Out a Teacher in a Non-Creepy Way from R. David Lankes on Vimeo.

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  1. Simon Verlag für Bibliothekswissen

    What a grand idea ! years ago when participating in classes for one day when my boy was a student everybody thought me quirte funny but the teachers loved it and we spoke with each other, We invited them all after exam, I thinkt it would have been wonderful to borrow them for an evening and get a real good discussion and get to know each other well what good cooperation could result from that !!!! Ellsabeth Simon

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