2 Replies to “Fun with GPS”

  1. Thank You very much for your demonstration on creating photo tours. I enjoyed it very much and I think I’ll try it soon.

    I’m an enthusiast of GPSr, mapping, geocaching and I’ve been playing around with GPS Visualizer (http://www.gpsvisualizer.com), Google Maps and GPS data uploaded from my devices (PDA + GPSr BT + OziExplorerCE) and I could get something already (http://mantunes.planetaclix.pt/GoogleMaps/sta_eufemialagoa_azul.htm and http://mantunes.planetaclix.pt/GoogleMaps/sta_eufemialagoa_azul.htm) but I’m still learning. Your teaching brings me the opportunity to try to add photos to what I’ve already achieved.


  2. neat stuff. Have you seen MSN’s online map tool yet? I just recently stumbled upon it and was amazed at the resolution. Of course you can’t do all the things you’re doing here but it’s still very fun to check places out.

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