Expect More and Amazon Updates

Just a quick note to let folks know what is happening with Expect More on Amazon. The first change is that you can now use “Look Inside” to preview the print book:

Screen Shot 2012-06-26 At 6.29.24 Am

The second piece of news is that the Kindle version of the new book is available directly from the Kindle store on your device. However, it apparently takes a little time for the Amazon folks to link the print and Kindle edition. So you have to search for the Kindle version separately for now.
Screen Shot 2012-06-26 At 6.33.51 Am
Now, that said, my preference would be that you buy the book via Smashwords. It is DRM free, supports some competition in the ebook market, and frankly is more author friendly for royalties. Still, my overriding preference is that you read the book and share it throughout the community, so it is all good.

Hopefully more eBook stores will be coming online soon.