Cyberinfrastructure Facilitators

“Cyberinfrastructure Facilitators: New Approaches to Information Professionals for E-Research” Oxford e-Research’08 Conference, Oxford, UK.

Abstract: This paper introduces the concept of a CI-Facilitator defined as a vital member of the research enterprise who works closely with researchers to identify extant tools, data sets, and other resources that can be integrated into the process of pursuing a research objective. In order to prepare CI-Facilitators to evolve with e-Research endeavors they must be grounded in deep conceptual frameworks that do not go out of date as quickly as any given cyberinfrastructure technology. One such framework, that of participatory librarianship, is presented here and explored in terms of tackling the issue of massive scale data in research. Participatory librarianship is grounded in conversation theory and seeks to organize information as a knowledge process rather than as discreet objects in some taxonomy.