America’s Libraries in the 21st Century Video Now Online

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Here’s a video of the entire ALA OITP panel on the Future of American Libraries in the 21st Century. The panel was Stephen Abrahm, Jose-Marie Griffith, and Joan Frye Williams. I ended the session with an update on participatory librarianship.

6 responses on “America’s Libraries in the 21st Century Video Now Online

  1. Chaunacey

    Hi Dave,

    I’m working on a video project to apply for admission into an upcoming statewide reference think tank. May I use a few snippets from your video to illustrate my points?

    Thanks for considering it!
    – Chaunacey

  2. rdlankes Post author

    Of course. All my stuff is share and share alike (noncommercial). Hope it helps. Don’t forget to rate stuff you like.

  3. nuriwan

    hi there, may i have a copy of this video…?

    i was a librarian, when study at elementary school, and still reading reference about library today..


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