America’s Libraries in the 21st Century Video Now Online

Here’s a video of the entire ALA OITP panel on the Future of American Libraries in the 21st Century. The panel was Stephen Abrahm, Jose-Marie Griffith, and Joan Frye Williams. I ended the session with an update on participatory librarianship.

6 Replies to “America’s Libraries in the 21st Century Video Now Online”

  1. Hi Dave,

    I’m working on a video project to apply for admission into an upcoming statewide reference think tank. May I use a few snippets from your video to illustrate my points?

    Thanks for considering it!
    – Chaunacey

  2. hi there, may i have a copy of this video…?

    i was a librarian, when study at elementary school, and still reading reference about library today..


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