Here are errors in the printed Atlas (the ones in the website we change as we go).

  • The printed Atlas is missing the Agreement Supplement for Education (it is on the Map at E, 10). It has been added in the companion (and yes, I am aware of the irony).
  • The map lists the agreement as “Motivation Theories” while the agreement supplement is listed as “Motivation Theory”
  • The Intrinsic Agreement Supplement was authored by Jennifer Rose Recht
  • The Shelving Agreement Supplement is missing a Map Location. It is F, G, 8
  • The Institute for Advanced Librarianship Supplement is missing two references:
    • Varlejs, J. (2007). The New Jersey Academy of Library Leadership: What impact has it had? In A. R. Saur (Ed.), Continuing professional development: Pathways to library leadership in the library and information world (Vol. 126, pp. 183-198). IFLA Publications.
    • Wisser, K. M., & Saye, J. D. (2004). ALISE library and information science educational statistical report 2004. (ALISE, Producer) Retrieved February 4, 2008, from
  • The great cat in figure 9 on page 19 is actually a leopard, not a cheetah
  • Page 76 lists Saint Christopher the patron saint of lost things…it is in fact Saint Anthony.
  • Page 226 Michael Gorman’s name is misspelled Goreman.

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