Week 4: Community

Getting Started

Week 4 Introduction

This week’s content will focus on issues withing the community and how librarians engage with that community.

Topic Overview

  • View the library as an institution that helps a community share resources and expertise, rahter than as  storehouse of resources owned by the library.
  • View the members of the community more than as users who consume services and lack investment in the library as an institution.
  • Viewing community members as aspirations and dreams, instead of deficits and problems.
  • Review criticisms of new librarianship and the Atlas of New Librarianship.

This module covers the difference between sharing, where a library facilitates the use of community resources, and lending, where the library builds a collection to loan to the community.

Kill the User

This module reflects on the problem with the word and concept of user. If librarians see community members more as consumers, they will lessen their effectiveness.

A discussion of how approaching members and communities as problem holders, instead of as opportunity builders hinders new librarianship.

This module provides a brief overview and links to critiques and criticisms of the Atlas of New Librarianship and ideas within.

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