Week 3: Libraries

Getting Started

Week 3 Introduction

This week’s content will focus on libraries as institutions. The week will begin Monday, July 22 and end Sunday, July 28.

Topic Overview

  • What is the mission of a library and aspects of a good mission statement?
  • What are the justifications for libraries as institutions?
  • Seeing the library as a less a place and more as a necessary function throughout the communtiy.
  • How libraries and libraraians can work together to improve society as a whole.


The Mission of Libraries

This module covers the continuity and changes to the mission of libraries over time.

This module covers the primary arguments for supporting libraries. From economic stimulus, to learning center, to promoters of democracy, there are many arguments that can be made for the continued support of libraries of all types.

Instead of thinking of the library as a service, or collection, it is important to think of it as a platform for community innovation. In some cases it can be a digital platform, in others a physical platform, but in all cases it serves as an enabling infrastructure for the community to learn and improve.

What is the larger societal aim for library and information science? Do we simply serve our communities without regard for the larger context of citizenship and the expanding information marketplace?

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