Week 2: Librarians

Getting Started

Week 2 Introduction

This week’s content will continue the focus on librarians as professionals.

Topic Overview

  • What pressure do communities place upon librarians and how do we respond?
  • How does a professional work with a community to define a program of improvement?
  • What are the core skills, values, and competencies of librarians?


This module looks at the pressures exerted by communities on libraries for participation.

This module talks about the basic values librarians carry into their work with the community. This includes a discussion of leadership and innovation.

This module introduces the core skills of librarians. This module is complemented (and updated) in the Salzburg Curriculum module that follows.

This module covers a curriculum and set of competencies developed by the Salzburg Global Seminar on Libraries and Museums in a Participatory Age. The framing and curricular areas outline a base set of competencies for librarians.

4 Replies to “Week 2: Librarians”

  1. I’m trying to finish the New Librarianship MOOC but can’t access the Improve Society or Librarians videos on this page. I am so inspired by this course and really want to finish it. I’ve been working on it little-by-little since August 2013, even had a baby while I was taking it, and don’t want to miss any of the videos. Are you able to repost them or post links to the videos on another platform?

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