Week 1: Librarians

Getting Started

Week 1 Introduction

This week’s content will focus on librarians and their worldview.

Topic Overview

  • What is the mission of a librarian and how does that influence their worldview?
  • How does a librarian approach knowledge and how it is acquired?
  • What functions do librarians serve within the communities?

This module will cover issues of worldview and the question of an overarching mission for the entire profession.

Knowledge Creation

This module covers the basic approach to knowledge in New Librarianship. By focusing on knowledge, and its unique human nature, we can better serve our members and community.

This module will walk through the specific means librarians use to facilitate knowledge creation: access, knowledge/training, environment, motivation.

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    1. The course is not running now, but you are welcome to go through the archives of the course content here.

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