Expect More the Audio Book Now Available


[TL;DR version: You can now buy the full audio book version of Expect More from Audible, iTunes, or Amazon…or continue to listen to it one chapter at a time from Circulating Ideas or Nerd Absurd]

{Cue Infomercial Voice} Tired of having to wait two weeks for a chapter of Expect More the audio book? Want the whole thing now with your Audible account? Itching to try audio books on iTunes? Tired of having to not pay for the audio version? Well go buy the Expect More Audio book right now!

That’s right, the full audio book version of Expect More: Demanding Better Libraries For Today’s Complex World is now available via Audible, iTunes, and Amazon. Hear the dulcet tones of a seasoned professor lay out the case for better libraries. Treat your provost, principle, board member, and/or taxpayer to the finest insights on librarianship collected from places such as Egypt, Columbia, Kenya, and Syracuse…New York!

You’ll have to pull to the side of the road as Lankes recites the importance of community, and rasps all philosophical like on fixing libraries trapped in their buildings. “Hey Dave,” you’ll ask your favorite audio device, “exactly how much did libraries return for every dollar invested in Florida libraries?” And you’ll find out…$6.54.

Sure you could buy an iPhone 6, or wait for your Apple Watch; or you can do what the cool kids do and BUY THE EXPECT MORE AUDIO BOOK!

So grab your Expect More the audio book…or listen to it on Circulating Ideas or Nerd Absurd…or download it for free…or buy the paper version. But whatever you do Expect More!

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