Community Outreach/Understanding Community Needs

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“Community Outreach/Understanding Community Needs” The 4th Annual Connecticut Library Leadership Institute, West Hartford, CT.

Abstract: Libraries must move from transactions to relationships. This means letting go of full control and killing the user.

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  1. Debbie Herman

    Thank you for delivering another inspiring talk at our leadership institute, David! I’ve heard from many attendees that your words made them completely rethink how and what they tell their communities, donors, administrators, trustees, etc. about the library! Libraries not just for the community, but OF the community. Rock on! I will let our CLA folks know that audio is available.Thank you again!!!

    1. rdlankes Post author

      My pleasure…not to do an completely gratuitous self plug (but what else is my site for), but my new book Expect More is to give them a tool to do that…it is written for community members to think differently about libraries.

      In any case, I really do want to get down there someday.

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