4 responses on “Change Management for Connecticut Screencast

  1. Kathy Labadorf

    Thanks, Dave. You clearly stated a lot of the missing links in the leadership when it comes to change management. The refreeze at the end is definitely NOT a part of the usual procedure. But, being a creative person, I know that all the turmoil that goes on in the midst of creating or recreating cannot be continued. Time of rest and settling is needed before you can even assess how the change went.

    I miss SU. Graduated with my MLS in 1998. Glad you spoke to our CT Library leaders.

  2. Phones

    Hi Dave, can’t see the online slide perhaps due to my location. Could you upload to something more universal like slideshare/youtube?

    1. rdlankes Post author

      They are too long for YouTube and SlideShare doesn’t handle the video. I’ll post the PDF and audio. You can also check out a Vimeo version at

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