Field Guide Related Links by Chapter

The following links add some depth and context to the contents of the New Librarianship Field Guide.

Chapter 1: Librarianship-Full Stop

Core Chapter Concept: Librarians are agents for radical positive change who choose to make a difference.

Chapter 2: They Named the Building after Us

Core Chapter Concept : Define libraries by the work of librarians—not the other way around.

Everything You Learned in Library School is Wrong:

Chapter 3: The Mission of Librarians

Core Chapter Concept : The mission of librarians is to improve society through facilitating knowledge creation in their communities.

The Mission of Librarians from the New Librarianship Master Class.

Chapter 4: Knowledge Creation

Core Chapter Concept : Knowledge is created through conversation—if you’re in the knowledge business, you’re in the conversation business.

Knowledge Creation from the New Librarianship Master Class.

Chapter 5: Facilitation

Core Chapter Concept : Librarians facilitate knowledge creation through access, knowledge, environment, and motivation.

Facilitation from the New Librarianship Master Class.

Chapter 6: Participatory Systems

Core Chapter Concept : Librarians serve their communities through the participatory systems they build, some of which are libraries.

Pressure to Participate:

Kill the User

The Deficit Model

Chapter 7: Improve Society

Core Chapter Concept : Librarians shape and then enact their communities’ definitions of improvement.

Improve Society from the New Librarianship Master Class.

Chapter 8: Librarians

Core Chapter Concept : Librarians are principled professionals working with their communities in transformative social engagement.

Librarians from the New Librarianship Master Class.

Salzburg Curriculum from the New Librarianship Master Class.

Burn the Libraries and Free the Librarians

Chapter 9: Pragmatic Utopians

Core Chapter Concept : Librarians seek to empower the powerless and give voice to the minority.

Chapter 10: What Is a Library?

Core Chapter Concept : A library is a mandated and facilitated space supported by the community, stewarded by librarians, and dedicated to knowledge creation.

The Librarian, The Closet, & The Empty Room

The Mission of Librariesfrom the New Librarianship Master Class.

Radical Conversations: Defining a Library

Chapter 11: Saving Money and the World

Core Chapter Concept : There are many good reasons for having a library, but all of them involve making a community a better place.

Why Libraries? from the New Librarianship Master Class.

Chapter 12: A Platform for Knowledge Development

Core Chapter Concept : A library should be a participatory platform that allows a community to share passions, expertise, and resources.

Library as Platform

Chapter 13: Fitting Knowledge in a Box

Core Chapter Concept : Reducing libraries, librarians, and their tools to a universal scheme is impossible—and dangerous.

“Leadership” in The Atlas of New Librarianship Pgs. 132-134

Lankes, R. David (2007, September). Library association 2.0. Searcher Magazine.

Chapter 14: Academic Libraries

Core Chapter Concept : Academic libraries proactively speed the scholarly conversation.

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Chapter 15: School Libraries

Core Chapter Concept : School libraries can be places of learning and empowerment, but only by sharing ownership with their students.

Get an iTeam in Your Life and See the Difference

Chapter 16: Public Libraries

Core Chapter Concept : The community is the collection.

The Turning Tide: From Collection Development to Community Facilitation

Chapter 17: Engines of Advancement

Core Chapter Concept : Libraries must make visible the value they bring to their communities.