Knowledge School Penthouse Interview @ 2016 Charleston Conference

The Charleston Conference and Against the Grain do a great series of interviews with Conference Speakers. Last year I was chosen for a “Penthouse Interview.” It is available in its entirety at: David Lankes Penthouse Interview @ 2016 Charleston Conference. It is also available in shorter segments on the Charleston Conference website at: Against the Grain Penthouse Interviews: 2016 Interviews.

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  1. Fabulous – thank-you!!

    Left a comment on Part 3 video on YouTube – “A big thank-you to the interviewers and to Dave. I really enjoyed this interview. I have been a librarian for 20+ years and am excited to hear talk about knowledge rather than information (this is where I’ve always been and it’s not always a popular stance but it has given my working life genuine meaning). In these 20+ years, we have been saying that we’re not about gatekeeping anymore but instead we’re about access. But, putting information at our core has (in reality I believe) kept us in the gatekeeper role. Putting knowledge at the core puts our clients at the core, & this insists that we embrace continuous critical reflection as individual librarians, as libraries and as a professional community. It also encourages us to reflect *with* our clients as partners which is an empowering and rewarding process for everyone involved. As our environments becoming increasingly disruptive, having greater connections with, and understandings of, our clients will be increasingly important to being progressive and relevant rather than feeling threatened and reactionary. Embracing knowledge does make our work more challenging and perhaps even a little uncomfortable from time to time but, it also lets us put some playfulness in our practice and we can all do with some of that”


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