The OLA Super Conference joins the Expect More World Tour!

I’ll be doing to Wednesday afternoon keynote at the Ontario Library Association’s Super Conference January 27th, 2016.

Title: The Obligation of Innovation

Abstract: Librarians must lead their communities in innovation by example. If our libraries are to be incubators of new ideas, librarians must model creativity, adaptability, continuous learning, and leading change that makes a difference. This isn’t about apps, or looking like Silicon Valley, it is about weaving together new ideas and expertise locally. Lankes will make the case for innovation as a core attribute of librarians.

Also, check out the World Tour Dates page for more information on upcoming talks and workshops in Belgium and the Netherlands next month!

The World Tour Adds Dates in Italy and Vatican City!

Please Note: This post is being updated with more details as they become available.

ITALIANFISHThe Expect More World Tour rolls on. There is a great deal of interest in New Librarianship and a community focus for libraries in Italy particularly after the publication of the Atlas of New Librarianship (L’atlante della biblioteconomia moderna) in Italian. To meet with the folks interested in a new approach to libraries I’ve added four dates:

Pistoria Library

July 10, 2015 Pistoia, Italy
Supported by the U.S. Embassy in Rome
Topic: Community as Collection

National Library of Rome

July 13, 2015 Rome, Italy
Topic: Participatory Librarianship & LIS Education
Where: National Library of Rome
Organized jointly with AIB (Associazione Italiana Biblioteche) and the National Board

The American University of Rome

July 14, 2015 Rome, Italy
Supported by the U.S. Embassy in Rome

Koninklijk Nederlands Instituut te Rome / Vatican School of Librarianship

July 15, 2015 Rome, Italy
Supported by the Vatican Library School, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, URBS, KNIR, U.S. Embassy in Rome
Topic: The Changing Role of Librarians in Learning

A special note of thanks to Gimena Campos Cervera and the U.S. Embassy in Rome  for support and logistics. In addition to the support of the embassy, thanks to Syracuse University’s iSchool for trip support. Also a big thank you to Anna Maria Tammaro of the University of Parma and Raffaella Vincenti of the Vatican Library/Vatican School of Librarianship.

Lankes to Keynote 125th NYLA Conference

assnbannerThe New York Library Association is joining the Expect More World Tour this October.

On Thursday, October 22 from 9:00 – 10:15 AM in Lake Placid, NY Lankes will give the keynote for the association’s 125th annual conference: NYLA125: Explore. Learn. Grow.

The talk will be titled “Day 45,626″

Here’s the abstract:

This year NYLA celebrates its 125th anniversary (45,625 days). 45,625 days ago Melvil Dewey, one of NYLA’s founders, saw the future of libraries in standardization, efficiency, and industrialization. 45,625 days ago the future of libraries was in shared structures, shared methods, and librarians devoted to the maintenance of institutional libraries. On day 45,626 this is the formula for disaster. On day 45,626 the future of libraries is in librarians building libraries around the unique communities they serve. The success of the next 125 years is intimately tied to the success of the counties, cities, towns, and villages of New York. Our next 125 years is in the dreams and aspirations of New York’s citizens, students, and scholars not our stacks.

Click here for all the details.

Massachusetts Library Association Pre-Conference Invite

Expect More Worcester EMInvite3

Greetings all,

We’re putting together a pre-conference session for the Massachusetts Library Association as part of the Expect More World Tour in May and you are invited. If you’re in the area, please sign up (it’s free) and come join the conversation.

Here are the details and the actual invite:

Tuesday, Tuesday May 5, 2015
8:30 a.m. – 12 noon
DCU Center
Room E
50 Foster Street
Worcester, MA 01608
Coffee, refreshments and snacks
Space is limited, so please RSVP
online at Eventbrite:
or by calling (800) 494-9330

It is free and open to all comers (we just ask that you pre-register).

Click here for the official Invite

Keynotes From ILEAD USA March

My favorite professional development project started a new cohort (in 10 different states) in March. Below are links to just the keynotes from that session. All are awesome and well worth your time (with the exception of that Lankes character who talks too much).

Everything You Learned in Library School is Wrong 

David Lankes, Syracuse University, School of Information Studies, Syracuse, New York.  Professor and Dean’s Scholar on New Librarianship

We all know that Libraries are Good and Necessary Things and Libraries Collect, Organize, and Provide Access to Information. That’s what we were taught in library school right? Except of course, they don’t. Libraries don’t do anything except exert gravity and shield you from the rain. It is librarians and the people in the library that makes the world a better place. Collections are just tools, like buildings, and books, and databases, and 3D printers. This keynote will focus on how librarians are radical positive change agents that make communities better.

Inspired Outreach Inspired 

John Emerson, an activist, graphic designer, writer, and programmer based in New York City creator of

How do you engage the hearts and minds of your audience? Connect and empower with outreach that makes people say “Aha!” and “Let’s do it!”

FLATLAND:  A Statistical Romance of Many Dimensions.

Eli Neiburger, Associate Director, IT and Production, Ann Arbor District 

In which our Hero, A. Librarian, must search for scalars amidst an increasingly flat landscape, with which to earn the favor of capricious higher-dimensional beings, before her entire world collapses to a single ultradense font of information, only to find that the only dimension that truly matters is   LOVE.

Perspectives and Advice on Accessibility and Universal Design

Sina Bahram, an accessibility consultant, researcher, and entrepreneur

Join Sina Bahram as he walks through the concepts of accessibility and universal design. These core principles are fundamental to understanding how to be relevant in the 21st century to all audiences regardless of physical or cognitive ability. Through exploring a narrative about technology, access to information and the physical world, and practical tips and tricks about steps any of us can take, Sina will both motivate and show us how to augment our content, interactions, and thinking to become more inclusive.

“Great People Make Great Libraries:  Know Yourself.  Grow Yourself.  And Take Your Library With You!”

David Bendekovic, President, The B. A. David Company, Syracuse, New York  

Your ability to reach your goals has as much to do with how you choose to see the world as it does with your level of education and intelligence.  This keynote will give you the keys to thinking in a more powerful way about yourself, the people around you, and the work you want to get done. What You Do Makes A Difference. You Just Have To Figure Out What Kind Of Difference You Want To Make.